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My EU Shop After-sales Specification

Dear customer, our after-sales department will happily handle your question according to our following sales process.

1. Cancellation after order payment. For orders that are "to be shipped" and have not yet been picked, you can click “Cancel order” at any time after payment and click “Apply for a refund” under the order. If your order is paid by Ideal online banking, please contact customer service immediately after canceling your order, they will arrange a financial transfer for your refund. If you use other methods to pay the order, after you apply for a refund, the system will automatically return the original amount. You can find the record for this order in “all orders”. If the order starts picking up and the status is changed to “Picking” ,cancellation of the order is no longer supported. When you cancel your order, the voucher you had applied will expire at the same time.

2. There was a problem after the goods were received. (a) If you find that products are missing, or if a product has been damaged or has a quality problem, please take a photo and send it to our Official WeChat "MyEuShop" or email to We will give you a refund after the review and we do not support the return. (b) If a wrong product was sent, please take photos and contact us in time.We will refund the difference after verification and will not reissue the goods. (c) If you use a voucher at the time of payment, we will deduct the discounted amount on a refund basis. Please understand! (d) In the above situation, you need to contact customer service within 3 working days of receiving the parcel, and send an e-mail to the after-sales e-mail (, to send us the clear photo of the product in question, the order number, etc. We will complete the refund according to the actual situation. Refund request after 7 working days of receiving the parcel will not be accepted! (e) There is an after-sales issue. Once the refund approval is passed, you will need to provide the European bank card information. We will transfer to your European bank or send you matching voucher

3. Appointment and delivery From 19th Novenmber 2018, free shipping within NL from 25 euro.If your order amount is under 25 euro, you need pay 4.95 euro for shipping cost.Most orders will be sent by NLE delivery.After you placed a order,the system will choose the nearest delivery date for you automatically.If you want to change the delivery date, please click "Cancel appointment" and button "Make a new appointment" below the corresponding order one day in advance. NLE drivers are only responsible for the delivery and will not wait for your on-site inspection. If you have any after-sales issues, you can promptly report back to our My EU Shop customer service within 3 days after receiving the parcel. If you have a very big problem about the order, you can choose to reject it and inform customer service about the reason. If there is no problem with the order and the customer rejects it without any reason, we will handle it according to the actual situation and deduct the processing fee. We do not want customers to cancel the order on the day itself. If the driver has already dispatched the car, but the delivery has failed due to customer reasons, we will charge you a second delivery fee. If your order fails due to driver reasons, we will arrange the delivery again for you.

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