About MyEUShop

Our Story

MyEUShop is an Asian fresh food e-commerce platform headquartered in Nieuw-Vennep, the Netherlands. The platform has over 3,000 products across more than 20 categories, including fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood and meat, snacks and beverages, instant food, cooking sauces, daily necessities, nutrition and health products, etc. My EUShop was officially launched as a website in 2017 and has been well received by both overseas Chinese and local consumers with its distinctive selection, excellent quality control, convenient self-operated logistics and considerate after-sales service.

Today, the platform has provided three shopping portals - web, app and WeChat - for customers to place orders according to their shopping habits. We are also working with our own logistics in the Netherlands and other local logistics to gradually establish a leading Asian supermarket brand in Europe with the Netherlands as the hub, radiating to Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg.

Our Responsibility

MyEUShop is deeply rooted in the local market and dedicated to bringing the best new Asian products to the Dutch market. We also cooperate closely with local suppliers to increase the multiplicity of our products and to ensure the ultimate freshness of our products. Furthermore, MyEUShop promotes environmentally sustainable development. We advocate environmental protection and recycling based on customers' consumption habits and shopping experience. We are committed to recruiting talents, providing employment opportunities for the local European and Asian communities, building a diverse corporate culture, respecting the diversity of values of our employees and progressing along with the local market.

Our Vision

MyEUShop currently has its own Asian food community and its own social platforms have achieved two-way communication with the customers. In addition to providing the best shopping experience, we are also committed to building a food-based community to promote the exchange of culture between Europe and Asia.

MyEUShop has taken the long-term development direction of using marketing solutions to create a distinctive brand image, using technology to optimize customer shopping experience, and realizing automated logistics chain management, making MyEUShop the preferred shopping platform among Asian supermarkets and the window of Asian culture in Europe.